addUp – a special version of 2048

The best 2048 game you will ever find! Average rating 4.7 across the whole world!

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Exclusive for Windows Phone.

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addUp is an addictive and very challenging puzzle game. A casual and fast-played game similar to Threes! and 2048. With colorful tiles and smooth animated tile-movement. Swipe on the screen to move the tiles left, right, up or down. If two tiles meet they will create a new tile and the numbers will be added.
The goal of the game is to get the highest possible score, and also to reach the highest tile-number.

If you manage to add together tiles multiple times in a row you’ll get bonuses to help you reach more points.

It may seem simple. It’s an easy game to learn, but really hard to master! To reach the highest scores you’ll have to use your brain and think ahead.

If you have some spare time on your hands, some time to kill, or you’re just bored, need something to do right before going to sleep at night, wip out your Windows Phone and play a fast game of addUp!

Give it a try and we guarantee you’ll get hooked!