Imgster – Privacy Policy

Imgster is a client app for the web service. is an image sharing community. This document describes how user data is handled by Imgster.

Imgster Windows 10 app does not store, share or transmit any personal data or information about the user. The user may optionally sign in to for commenting, voting or uploading images/making posts. Sign-in is handled completely on and by servers and password is not known for the client (Imgster). Only a token (ID) is recieved and stored by the client as part of the authentication of the user. This token is stored in the device local storage and is sent to for validation of the user. When signing out of the Imgur service from within the client, this token is deleted from storage.

No data that can be used to identify the users person is collected or stored by Imgster.

No location data is collected or stored by Imgster.